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About Me

Welcome to my portfolio! Born and raised in Berlin, I moved to London two years ago to take my master's degree in electronic music composition. Since graduating successfully in 2022, I have been working as a freelance sound and lighting engineer across various venues in London. 

Please have a look around my page to see some of the compositions I have worked on!

Screenshot 2023-06-14 at 15.29.36.png

A composition completed as part of my master's degree. I was tasked to write, produce and mix a 3-4 minute piece using analogue and digital components.


As part of the assignment, I recorded bongos, congas, a cello, an electric guitar and a collection of percussive instruments. 

During the post-production process I used an analogue Eventide reverb, UAs classic 1176 compressor and an APU by Kyma.

The track was mixed using a custom Neve desk and, as requested by my professor, both Logic Pro X for the rough mix and ProTools for the final product.


Percussion - Lauren Carberry

Guitar - Guilherme Santos

Cello - Arina Brovanova

Master's Degree- Wasteland


A composition completed as part of my bachelor's degree. I was tasked to write a song to a movie scene of my choice. 

I selected the final scene of Your Name, the 2017 anime movie by Makoto Shinkai, produced by CoMix Wave Films. The footage was used for education and practice purposes only. 

The task allowed for creative freedom, but due it being part of a songwriting module, a composition including written lyrics was required. 

Later, the song Your Name was published as part of the artist project KAJA (see below). 

Bachelor's Degree - Your Name

composition/sound design/editing/mixing

A jingle commissioned by the mobile communications brand Mobilcom-Debitel (now known as Freenet) for their annual employee conference. 

I was commissioned to write a short jingle that would present the new seasonal products and encourage the employees to use the company's app to learn more about current offers. 

The track was produced and mixed by Julian Altrock. 

The original lyrics are in German and include important information provided by the company. If you're interested in the English translation, please email me!

Mobilcom-Debitel - Jingle



©Freenet, provided by customer

Three singles as part of my artist project that I have written, produced and mixed.

As part of the project, it was important to identify a musical, aesthetic and sonic theme that would be present in all three compositions. 

You can find more music on my Spotify that I have co-written and performed. 


Cello - Arina Brovanova

Violin - Natalia Farrugia

Guitar - Federico Astrologo

Artist Project KAJA


Casually Cruel Cover 2.png
IMG_2564 - Edited.png
Kaja Cover final.jpg

Commercial Briefs 


Two singles I have co-written to pitch to other artists. 

The song "Cold Water" was written in collaboration with Justus Fischer and Wieland Mrusek and produced by Ben Thiele. It was pitched to Tom Gregory and inspired by his 2018 song "Losing Sleep". 

The song "Risky" was written in collaboration with Simon Klar and Wieland Mrusek and produced by Ben Thiele. It was pitched to Robin Packalen and inspired by his 2019 song "Suit That".

Both songs are heavily inspired by the 2018/2019 Pop radio sound. 

Studio/Live Recordings (Volunteer)


During my masters degree I recorded classmates and assisted in studio and live recordings. 

These are two projects I worked on for composer Arina Brovanova. 

One is a re-scoring of the Joker trailer (2019) which entailed a live recording in a church hall. 

The other is a studio recording of multiple cellos for an ambient piece. 

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